OKLAHOMA CITY - Dustin Weed was told he had to raise $2,000 or he would not be able to get a kidney transplant. We first introduced you to Weed last Tuesday, and thanks to the generosity of News 9 viewers, he will be back on the transplant list.

Oklahomans have stepped up to donate, and not just the $2,000 Weed needed to stay on the list.

On Tuesday, we took Weed two envelopes that were sent to News 9 containing a total of $300. In Weed's "Help Hope Live" fundraising account, donations have climbed to more than $6,000 in the past week.

"Oh I was real surprised," Weed said.

This all came after viewers heard how Weed had been standing on a street corner, trying to raise the $2,000 he needed to stay on the transplant list. Weed said donors even reached out to him personally. One man was looking to pay forward generosity he previously experienced.

"One guy, his sister had a kidney transplant and he gave her a kidney and whenever he was on hard times: the months he was out of work people helped him out," Weed said.

Weed has been on dialysis for almost four years as he waits for a transplant. All money donated into the "Help Hope Live" account must be used for insurance or other medical expenses post operation.

But Weed, a single father, said some donors wanted to do more, even giving him money for his daughter's Christmas presents.

"They offered if I needed help getting to my appointments or broke down or anything they would call me a cab to get there, even offered me a job after transplant," Weed said.

Weed will meet with his financial counselor and family support group meeting to be re-activated on the list.

Friends are holding a Pool tournament to benefit Dustin Weed on Friday November 15 at Hilltop Hideaway in Noble. Sign in begin at 7 p.m. and play begins at 8 p.m. $5 to enter the tournament.