OKLAHOMA CITY - A 62-year-old man who escaped from a Maryland prison more than 30 years ago has been arrested on Monday, November 4 in Oklahoma City.

According to police, officers were responding to the report of a fraud at a northwest Oklahoma City home, when they discovered that the caller was actually a fugitive out of Maryland.

Anthony Rackley, who used the name "Jack Watson" to hide his identity, told police that he had escaped from a Maryland prison in July 1980 and moved to Oklahoma City. He had been raising money for the Belle Isle Lions Club with another man.

Rackley told police he would get 70 percent of the money he raised, the other man would get 10 percent, and the Lions Club would get the rest. About ten years ago, Rackley told the other man that he was an escapee. About a year later, the man began asking Rackley for more money and threatened to turn Rackley in if he didn't comply.

Rackley complied the first time. However, Rackley said the man asked for even more money again on Monday, Nov. 4. That's when he decided to call police.

Police have not released the other man's identity as the case is still under investigation.

Rackley was taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. Authorities in Maryland said they would extradite him.