OKLAHOMA CITY - A northwest Oklahoma City teenager is in jail facing some very adult charges.

Police say Lamonn Russell Blonner, 17, was caught on video using a knife and tazer to rob a convenience store clerk in his northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

The attack happened inside the Classen Foods convenience store on the corner of N.W. 31st and Classen around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

It was dark and it was raining. But surveillance cameras were rolling both outside and inside the store. And the clerk says he knew he'd seen his attacker before.

Sohel Ahmed is used to helping customers at this Northwest OKC convenience store. And he has his share of regulars. So when surveillance cameras caught one young man in a gray hoodie walking into his store, Ahmed was sure he had seen his face before.

"About 6 months ago, that same guy came into the store," said Ahmed.

Ahmed says he had tried to rob him before and failed.

But this time he appeared just like any other customer, grabbing a drink and chips and even paying him at the counter.

But then Ahmed says the young man attacked him with a taser, and even chased him down and kept him from running out of the store. Fast forward a little bit and you even see the spark from when Ahmed is shocked by the taser as he is led back to the counter.

Ahmed says his attacker also held up the taser and a knife up to his throat. And even has the marks to prove it. Ahmed told police the robber looked like a guy who lived around the corner on N.W. 30th street.

And that's where police found Blonner, along with the taser, knife and hoodie seen on the surveillance video.

His sister spoke to us on Wednesday afternoon.

"If they would give these teenagers jobs then they won't have to keep doing what they're doing," said Lashanda Blonner, the suspect's sister. "People wouldn't be getting robbed."

Ahmed is back at work. And is just glad his accused attacker is behind bars. Blonner is being held in the OK county jail on $20,000 bond.