OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is in critical condition after his throat was slashed during an apparent robbery Tuesday night at an apartment in northwest Oklahoma City.

According to police, the victim was found at an upstairs apartment at Building 39 at the Highlands Apartments, located at 12701 N. Penn.

Neighbors called police when they heard the victim pounding on his door, asking for help. When neighbors found the man, his throat was slashed and he had duct tape on his wrists and his mouth.

The victim has been transported to OU Medical Center in critical condition.

Blood and signs of struggle at the scene indicate this may have been a robbery, according to officers.

The suspect ran away from the apartment following the attack. Police have not released any suspect information.

The victim could not talk due to injuries to his throat, so police have little information at this time.

There were no witnesses of the attack.

This is not the first time police have been called to the Highlands Apartments. Back in July, 2013, officers responded to a terrifying home invasion at this apartment complex. Police say the robbers tied up a man and woman and held them at gunpoint. They even pistol-whipped the man before ransacking their home.