CBS revealed the embarrassingly low Obamacare enrollment numbers that were turned over to a House Committee, six Americans signed up the first day.

I say it's time for the administration to come clean on all the numbers. Here's what you had to say, Ben first:

"Obama needs us, can we stand behind our President knows a little more about the delicate ongoings of our country we trusted him with than you Kelly."

Brenda fired back: "Don't anyone be mad for Kelly just...Telling the truth, I know that is a rarity in the media anymore!"

Wade from Edmond says: "It's not a debacle, it's an Obamacle. They stick his name on everything else.."

Diane from Choctaw: "Kelly, you clearly do not like President Obama or the Affordable Care Act.

The website is not necessarily a reflection on the ACA itself."

Melanie from Muskogee responded: "No Diane, it's people with YOUR mindset who are not helping! When are you Dems gonna wake up..?"

Ralph writes: "I began entering my information and just as soon as they announced the site was not secure - I deleted everything."

And Keith adds: "No one wants to even go to the site because once you go, they have you nailed!

Don't even go to the site."

Finally Dave from Oklahoma City says: "I refuse to enroll or pay a fine, put me in jail."