OKLAHOMA CITY - New details are coming to light Wednesday night in the murder of a Northeast Oklahoma City elderly man.

Nash Mitchell, 76, was found shot to death in his home. Oklahoma City Police confirm they have found his stolen truck.

Officers found Mitchell's stolen truck along NW 9th St. and Francis Ave., less than four miles away from where he was found murdered in his home. But they have still not made any arrests.

Friends and family of Mitchell are still in shock and disbelief over his passing.

"I couldn't believe it," said Latasha Eck, Mitchell's niece. "It was just unbelievable."

Police say it was a close friend who called them out to his home near NW 21st St. and Lottie, when he failed to answer his door or phone. When officers arrived on Sunday night, they found Mitchell dead on the floor with blood everywhere.

"I was crying, tears were in my eyes," said Flora Webb on Monday, after finding out her neighbor was murdered. "He didn't do no wrong."

Neighbors like Webb say Mitchell would often talk with people on his front porch, but would never let anyone inside. But family members fear robbers made their way in anyway and shot him. The question is why? Was it to cover up the crime? Or because Mitchell put up a fight? That is what police, and Mitchell's family, would like to know.

Several of Mitchell's family members have flown in from out of state, including his son and grandson.