OKLAHOMA CITY - A grand jury has cleared all officers involved in an April shooting that killed an Oklahoma City couple.

The families of Stacey Stout and Christopher Stout said all along the shooting was unjustified and they were shocked at the grand jury decision. They told News 9 the officers "are being cleared for murder."

At least seven officers from several different agencies fired their guns during the deadly shooting April 9, 2013, near SE 44th and I-35 in Oklahoma City.

In a decision released Thursday, a multi-county grand jury called the officers' actions "lawful and justified."

Christopher Stout was a burglary suspect and the US Marshal's Task Force alleged he tried to run from them while they were serving a warrant. Stacey Stout was also in the car and officers shot both of them to death.

Oklahoma City Police conducted a 3-month criminal investigation and never reported finding a weapon in Stout's car.

The grand jury said it heard testimony from homicide and crime scene investigators, looked at 53 pieces of evidence and saw a computer-generated simulation of the shooting that explained the path of each bullet. Ultimately, the panel chose not to indict any of the officers.

Before the decision, Stacey Stout's parents filed a lawsuit against the seven officers and the agencies involved in their daughter's death.