YUKON, Oklahoma - A Yukon family is begging a burglar to have a heart. Someone recently broke into the family's car and stole a camera holding all the pictures of their newborn. Now the family is willing to make the thieves a deal.

The family is so desperate to get those precious moments back, that they're offering the crooks money and won't ask any questions. Baby Noah was born on August 25 and almost immediately, the shutter was closing.

"My husband took pictures of him on the scale, him being cleaned up, his umbilical cord and his feet and his hands," said Lindsay Candy.

And Noah's three big brothers took pictures with the baby, too.

"All those precious moments, those first moments," said Candy.

This past Sunday night, Candy thought she locked the van after a family gathering where she took even more photos. She now realizes she never heard the honk signaling the alarm and burglars cleaned out the van.

"I reached down to where I knew the camera was, it wasn't there."

Candy hadn't backed up the pictures to a hard drive yet - where she's saved all of the baby photos from her other sons. Now she can't even rely on her own recollection of Noah's birth.

"Because of the surgery I was so groggy. I don't remember holding him for the first time. Sorry. So I was relying on that picture."

Candy and her husband are flooding their neighborhood with flyers to get the memory card back and they'll pay for it. They say the thieves can keep the camera.

"It's just the pictures. I just want my memories back."           

Candy says she'll go door to door in Yukon to spread her story and hopes the crooks understand her desperation.

"There was a family behind that camera, life moments that I can't get back."

Candy's not saying how much the reward is, but guarantees it's more than any pawn shop will pay for the $500 camera. You can contact her at (405) 208-1245.