By Christina Vercelletto

The lines in stores at back-to-school time can be nearly as crazy as they are during the holidays. Save time and reduce stress by buying supplies and gear online. Check out this top 10 list of sites that make the grade.

1. is better known for electronics and books, but moms in the know turn to the mega site to finish their back-to-school shopping. This is the place to go for those hard-to-find specifics on some teachers’ lists. Purple 2-inch binder? No problem. And shipping is free on $25 or more.

2. is the place to go for, well, pencil cases. If your kid likes to stand out in a crowd, he’ll want to stash his essentials in one of the carry-alls found at this site. My favorites: the pack of gum and sneaker styles.

3. has a huge selection of basics. You can search for supplies by age (grade school, middle school, high school, college) and find weekly deals like 1-cent folders. They even sell school uniforms.

4. is a primo first stop for sneakers. What kid doesn’t start school with a new pair of kicks? They’ll match any other website’s price, and shipping is free. Your kid’s feet growing as fast as his vocabulary? Returns are free too, so no worries if they’re too small.

5. is a perennial favorite for fall jackets, but now they’ve cornered the market on functional, fun lunch boxes too. Check out the Kids’ Classmate EZ Wipe lunch box: cleans with just a wipe!

6. has colorful, retro accessories to liven up standard supplies. Case in point: Bag tags, monogrammed ID tags that make it easy for your child to spy her backpack in the pile in the schoolyard.

7. may not be a household name, but it should if the household has preschoolers. They’re known for their collection of pint-size, perky backpacks sized just right for two to four year olds.

8. backpacks are known as sturdy enough to last two years … and for good reason. But tough as they are, they still come in cool designs, like butterfly, lizard or mountain climber.

9. may sound like a one-act show, but take a look and be wowed by the variety of the recently-expanded Post-it line. Find a pen/highlighter/Post-it hybrid and giant Post-it pads, for starters.

10. is
for when you’ve got all the must-buys, and you’re ready to treat your kid to adorable finds. Click on the stationery tab to find European-inspired desk accessories, such as the Honest Boy pencil sharpener, which comes with one pencil (think Pinocchio).

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