OKLAHOMA CITY - A vacation deal proves too good to be true for a metro family, who was scammed out of hundreds of dollars. On Thursday night they have a warning to keep others from falling victim.

It all started for this family of four at a kids' event down at the Cox Convention Center. They entered a drawing to win a free vacation and didn't win, but weeks later they got  a call from the company with an offer for a discounted vacation package.

As it turns out, it was all a scam and now they're just left with the credit card bill.

Dayne, 9, and Taydem, 5, were finally let in on the surprise this week. Their mom and dad were planning a big vacation to Disney World next month.

"My little girl, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She was excited, and of course my son was too," Jeremiah Perryman said.

But the plan hit a snag, with this booklet from the company, "My Dream Escape."

"We read the fine print and people from Oklahoma can't even take advantage of some of these. That was pretty sickening right there," Perryman said.

The company had called them with an offer for a discounted trip. They were told all they'd have to pay for was their flight. So they charged $700 to their credit card and got this book in the mail weeks later.

"I called the phone number again, no answer. I leave messages, still no call back," Perryman said.

The worst part about the scam was breaking the news to Taydem and Dayne.

"They don't even know why and how  come. They just knew, ‘Disney World, here we come,' and we can't go now," Kandace Perryman said.

"That was the moment when your heart hits your toes and you realize, ‘I've been taken,' which is a horrible feeling," Perryman said.

News 9 checked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and found more than 70 similar complaints. The BBB reminds people to always check a company's reviews online before you give out your personal information.

The Perrymans are still working with the credit card company to get their money back.