OKLAHOMA CITY - Police arrested three more people in Oklahoma City in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a woman by the Mexican Drug Cartel.

According to police, Trista Ferguson told her mother she was held against her will by the Mexican Drug Cartel because she owed the cartel $2,000. Ferguson's mother called police after not hearing from her daughter.

Police were able to locate Ferguson. She was safe and unharmed.

Officers arrested two people they said were holding Ferguson for ransom. Norma Aguilar, 33, and Miguel Garcia, 25, were booked into jail for kidnapping for purposes of extortion, and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

On Friday, police say three more people, 22-year-old Lacey Isaacs, 24-year-old Jennifer Ochoa, and 36-year-old Karala Sanchez-Gutierrez, have also been arrested in the crime.