I don't know how our police officers do it. Amanda and I went through a police use of force simulator recently and we both walked away with a new respect for the instantaneous decisions officers have to make.

Some are life and death. Some aren't, but require force to stop the inappropriate actions of a suspect.

This is surveillance video from July. It was not life or death, a drunk woman, handcuffed being taken to jail in McAlester, she's giving the officer the business then spits on him. He pulls out his taser and shocks her.

The ACLU says he was out of line. The McAlester PD says he violated their taser policy and ordered him to undergo more training and take two weeks off without pay. I'm sure some will be calling for his job, but a suspension is plenty of punishment in my opinion.

These officers put up with so much garbage and lack of respect. I'd be tempted to zap fry someone who spat in my face too. I wish every citizen was required to go through that use of force simulator to see how just how difficult a police officer's job is.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.