CHICKASHA, Oklahoma - It may be the off season for NBA basketball, but that's not stopping some fans from Thundering Up. And a corn maze out in Chickasha has a special Thunder twist.

"The Thunder was kind enough to let us use their logo this year," said farmer, Jerry Reding.

Bob Mills SkyNews 9 flew over the Reding farm Thursday morning and take a look at the Thunder fun in store for this season's maze. The Thunder logo, a basketball player and jersey are all mazes in Chickasha.

"My daughter-in-law she goes ‘Why don't you go for that?'" Reding said. "We were quite excited we didn't think they would let us use that."

Even Reding gets lost showing us through the haunted maze which is the big basketball cut out. He says the biggest challenge to get this maze ready for the season was the weather.

"That's the scariest part. We first planted it. We had enough rain. Then it almost burned up on me. Then we got a four-inch rain in this particular area," he said.

"We do need a rain really bad, but in the mornings it's really a resilient crop. We call it the corn maze, but really it's sorghum."

Reding farms is hoping this year's maze theme is a hit.

"It is for fun, but it's as much work as any other farming," said Reding.

Reding farms is open for the season on September 28. It will cost you $10 to $28 depending on how many mazes you want to wind through. They also have wine tastings on the weekends, a petting zoo every day and a campfire outside the mazes at night.