SPENCER, Oklahoma - The family of a man murdered out outside a nightclub in Spencer hopes new video will help find the killer.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is now releasing surveillance video they hope will lead to an arrest in the shooting death of 23-year-old Jean Ciar Pierce.

Pierce managed to get in his car after being shot outside Shaker's Sports Bar August 25th, but crashed and later died from his injuries.

The sheriff's office has just released video of the gunman running from the scene and also firing a gun. Another video shows a number of eyewitnesses that returned to the parking lot near Shakers.

Investigators say the people are eyewitnesses and they would like to speak to them.

"Knowing that there are answers out there and everyone is silent, that is devastating," said Pierce's mother, Sarah Burdine.

Anyone with information should call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office.

Investigators say more than 200 people were at Shakers the night of the shooting and around 80 rounds were fired.