OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City couple is trying to raise money in hopes of saving the historic Gold Dome.

The former owners of the Prohibition Room, say they want to save the Gold Dome. Richard Sauve and Donn Cross have started an online fundraising site and are looking for investors so they can buy the troubled Oklahoma City landmark.

Bank 7 is foreclosing on the Gold Dome and have put it up for public auction on September 13. The City of Oklahoma City also says Gold Dome owner Irene Lam owes them a million dollars.

The Prohibition Room was Gold Dome staple until Richard and Donn petitioned the court to let them out of the lease a little over a year ago. The couple says they had continued problems with Lam as a landlord.

Now, they are concerned someone could buy the Gold Dome and tear it down.

The building is on the National Register of Historic Places, but that doesn't protect it from demolition.

The couple is using the fundraising site gofundme.com to raise donations. Donn says anyone interested in investing in the building with them can e-mail her at Donn@prohibitionroom.com.