OKLAHOMA CITY - A preliminary hearing continued Thursday to determine if a teen accused of opening fire on a crowd in Bricktown will be tried as an adult.

Sixteen-year-old Avery Meyers is accused of shooting eight people following a Thunder playoff game in May. Thursday's scheduled hearing in an Oklahoma County courtroom is a continuation from one that began on August 3.

A 16-year-old girl testified Thursday that she and a group of friends confronted Avery Meyers and his friends after she says her cousin was attacked and the girl's phone was stolen.

She said under oath that they yelled back and forth for several minutes before Meyers pulled out a gun and shot into the crowd.

The second witness called Thursday was a 15-year-old girl. She said she was shot in the finger after first witnessing a group of girls threatening to beat up a girl Meyers was with. She said it appeared Meyers was trying to protect the girl from the group of angry females. The girl testified she knew some of the girls in the group but was not a part of the group. She said she just witnessed it. She also identified Meyers in the courtroom as the shooter.

The hearing broke for the day around 5 p.m. and is expected to resume on Friday at 1 p.m.