OKLAHOMA CITY - Right Now, Oklahoma City says it doesn't have the resources to effectively spray the entire city for mosquitos.

Instead, they are going underground to kill the potentially west nile carrying insects before they take flight.

The city has workers busy killing mosquito larva found in standing water in the sewer system.

News 9 caught up with a worker today as he ran a camera down a man-hole to actually see the insects.

Last week, crews actually dropped five Altosid pesticide bricks inside the sewer near Southwest 44th and Blackwelder.

Then they came back Tuesday to see if it worked to kill the mosquitos and it did.

"When we are doing these treatments and we happen upon a breeding pool of mosquitos we will come back and do the treatment," says Environmental Supervisor Derek Johnson.

OKC says its treatment seven sewer areas in the past week and it expects to visit more locations in the near future.