WEWOKA, Oklahoma - A man and woman accused of stabbing to death the man's ex-girlfriend appear in a Seminole County courtroom to continue a preliminary hearing in the case.

Prosecutors charged Roger Gober and his fiancée Marilee Smotherman with first-degree murder in the death of Veronica Carlson. Investigators say they killed the woman and buried her body.

During Tuesday's hearing, prosecutors played a recording of an interview investigators conducted with Smotherman after the killing. The lead investigator with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office then testified Smotherman admitted to getting into a fight with Carlson. The investigator told the court Smotherman said she realized during the fight she had a knife, so she pulled it out and stabbed Carlson. Smotherman allegedly admitted to stabbing the victim in the back two to three times.

According to the investigator, Smotherman then went to a nearby residence to clean the blood off her clothes. She said she left Carlson with Gober, and the woman was still alive at that point.