OKLAHOMA CITY - Toxic smoke from a fire inside a metro business caused some evacuations Saturday.

It happened at a company that actually supplies Oklahoma City Firefighters and Police Officers with uniforms and other gear.

Still no word from fire investigators Saturday night on what caused the fire to ignite, but News 9 does know the fire consumed Special Ops Uniforms Incorporated, which provides uniforms and other supplies for police and firefighters.

"My brother was actually working in the back, in the warehouse, with a couple of his friends and they started smelling smoke," said evacuee Molly Gibbs.

When they got outside they saw thick black smoke billowing through the front of the business next door. The fire was already raging, causing power outages and evacuations for the surrounding businesses.

"It was highly, highly smoky. Very toxic-type smoke and we were actually asked to leave our building because of the nature of the smoke being possibly very hazardous," said Gibbs.

That's because of the products and materials inside the building, including heavy-duty police and fire uniforms.

"It smells really nasty like melted plastic," said Gibbs.

Fire crews attacked the fire from the front and eventually ended up on the roof of the building cutting a hole to help in the attack.

Gibbs thanks God they escaped the fire with minor smoke damage after seeing the destruction at Special Ops Uniforms Inc.

News 9 checked in with the fire department Saturday evening and they did not have any information on how the fire started or how much the damage estimate could be.