OKLAHOMA CITY - The innocent victim, shot in Bricktown following the Thunder game on May 21, came very close to dying. On Tuesday, Norman Richards met with doctors at OU Medical Center who saved his life.

"In my head I thought I just got shot, this just got real," Richards recalled.

That was less than three months ago.

"I remember being hit in the back and falling down, my friend coming over and helping me, and then I stumbled forward and fell on my face, breaking out my front teeth, breaking my nose, I don't remember much after that," Richards said.

On Tuesday, with Richards sitting alongside them, doctors and nurses at OU's Trauma Center would recount the events of that night.

The trauma surgeon who took care of Richards that night says it was the "save of his life."

"As we were transferring him over to the O.R. table he lost vital signs, he died for lack of a better term," said William S. Havron III, MD.

Doctors would revive Richards. Then for the next two hours, Dr. Havron would systematically repair the massive injuries: two wounds in his heart, damage to his kidney, colon, intestine, pancreas, and stomach.

"That night I had to tell his parents the likelihood of him surviving this was minimal," Dr. Havron said.

"He was requiring several nurses in the room to take care of him that night," said Cindy Moore, RN.

"When I walked back there and seen him, the first thing I said was ‘Oh my God, what are we going to do?' I had never seen anything like that in my life," said Richard's mother, Elonda Quinn-Powell.

Richard's mother would pray to give doctors the wisdom to save her son. And on Tuesday, she and Richards thanked God and those doctors for answering them.

"Listening to him naming off all those injuries and stuff, I just know a lot of people don't survive stuff like that,"  Elonda Quinn-Powell said.

Doctors say Richards is back at 100 percent. Norman says he won't be 100 percent until he can dunk a basketball again.

Avery Myers, teenager accused of shooting Richards, will be back in court in August 23 to find out if he will go to trial.