NORMAN, Oklahoma - With the crackle of flames getting louder, Melissa Morse and family got out of Glencoe quick, but one Morse member wasn't budging.

"One of them went under the water tower and he wouldn't come," says Morse about her family dog.

A very difficult decision was made. The dog would have to have stay.

"My kids were devastated," says Morse.

It's a familiar story in wildfire ravage Cleveland County. Displaced animals that have been found, sometimes by firefighters, are beginning to come in.

So Far, Norman Animal Welfare has been able to reunite around 20 animals were their owners.

"Just like any natural disaster we want to be the broker of information," says John Bowman with Norman Animal Welfare.

It is asking those who can't find their pets or those who have found wildfire displaced animals to call them with a description or send a picture.

They'll be added to a growing list for dogs, cats, horses and livestock.

Norman Animal Welfare can be reached at 405-292-9736. It is located at 3428 Jenkins.

Back in Glencoe, the Morses returned to find fire had burned into their property, but their home and yard was sparred.

The family dog was also there, unhurt.

"We were very fortunate that he was still here," says Morse.