OKLAHOMA CITY - Allegations against a metro high school principal have surfaced on just the first day of school.

Oklahoma City Public School Administrators have confirmed an ongoing investigation into allegations against Douglass High School Principal Brian Staples.

"It's about the relationship with our kids," Staples remarked two years ago. Since then, several accusations have been filed against him.

The allegations include falsifying attendance records, altering students' grades, and creating racial tensions at Douglass High School.

In 2010, a group of teachers filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Staples, the school district, and some of its members suggesting they were mistreated and fired for not cooperating with Staples' attempt to hide failing students to rank better in the district.

Firing the teachers, specifically the former vice principal, is also the suggested reason for an attack made on Staples. 

The former vice principal's son, Elijah Mohammed spoke out at the time of the attack.

"When they are saying that someone is so fed up they will attack someone in broad daylight that's pretty serious," said Mohammed. 

Prosecutors later charged Mohammed with planning the attack. Mohammed allegedly hired the hit because "he was angered" with how Staples treated his mother and other black teachers and students.

News 9 is now learning the fired teachers and other of Staples' accusers plan to rally at the school this week.

OKC School Administrators responded with a statement:

"The group outside Douglass Mid-High today have a right to express their opinion. OKCPS leaders are conducting an (sic) thorough investigation and take the allegations seriously."