OKLAHOMA CITY - Thousands of metro students are back in class this Wednesday. But Oklahoma City police have a warning for everyone else.

It is back to school for about 43,000 in the Oklahoma City public school district. News 9 spoke with Oklahoma City police, and they do have extra patrols that will be out on Wednesday in school zones, making sure drivers are obeying all traffic laws.

Police warn that if you're caught speeding, or simply not paying attention and playing with the radio or texting on your phone, you will be stopped and given a citation for failure to pay attention to your driving.

For the most part, parents are happy. Some of them are a little nervous about their kids going back on the first day of school.

"I'm doing okay. I got a little upset in my stomach because I'm nervous for her, but she'll do good. She's excited," Amy Culver said.

There is one more reminder for all drivers. Police say you can get a ticket and your license will be taken away for one year if you're caught passing a school bus with red flashing lights letting kids on and off.

Officers will be on the lookout for those violators this Wednesday.