OKLAHOMA CITY - Some downtown business owners are upset over what could be replacing the old Interstate 40 crosstown. On Tuesday, a city planner briefed council members on the progress of the Oklahoma City Boulevard project.

Citizens lined up at City Council to express their concerns and support in the planning process for Oklahoma City Boulevard.

"The people in Oklahoma City have ideas themselves, and it's important for ideas to come from all kinds of diverse backgrounds," Nick Roberts said.

Nick Roberts with Friends for a Better Boulevard says repeating mistakes from the past will keep younger generations and growth from OKC.

"We've also seen this boulevard get designed in a way that's going to decimate the southwest side, we believe," Roberts said.

Specifically, folks like Burt McAnally who spoke up to council, are upset over design proposals to elevate the Oklahoma City Boulevard.

"I don't want to perpetuate an existing problem. We've just lowered I-40, why are we raising it back up again?" McAnally said.

The city says nothing is final, these are just proposals and they are getting a consultant to help them with this decision.

"When we look at a walkable downtown, development, all those things need to be taken under evaluation," Eric Wenger said.

One of the proposals the city is seriously looking at is a round-about, but they don't want the design decision process to be rushed.

Construction is scheduled to start on the west and east end in January of 2013.