OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City officials are monitoring resident's water use. With no rainfall plus a stretch of extreme heat in next week's forecast, residents and businesses are encouraged to continue using water wisely.

The continuing drought and lack of rainfall impacts the City's water supply lakes. At Lake Hefner, passersby will notice the water level. It's dropping about one inch a day due to evaporation and water demand.

While very hot weather is with us through September, the long-term weather forecast shows normal rainfall returning in September. In the meantime, reducing the amount of water used on yards and landscaping will help maintain the lake levels and water pressure throughout the City.

Here are a few ways to best use water outdoors during extreme heat:

• Water no more than three times a week.

• Remember brown Bermuda is not dead. It's dormant and will come back.

• Consider drip irrigation for slow, thorough watering closer to the roots.

• Concentrate watering efforts on sensitive plants, trees and shrubs. Watering the flower beds and landscaping close to the house will also water the foundation.

• Reset sprinkler system frequencies to less time, less often and during early morning hours – preferably between midnight and 4 a.m. Watering during the day allows most of the water to evaporate.