OKLAHOMA CITY - Justin Adams was bailed out of jail Wednesday after spending nearly half a year behind bars.

The accused murderer was released from jail on a $100,000 bond. Adams will stay at his grandparents' house in southwest Oklahoma City for at least the next several months as he awaits his preliminary hearing.

Just as News 9 arrived to the home, Adams arrived as well with his grandfather, grandmother and son. Adams would not talk to News 9, but one of his strongest allies had a lot to say.

"I've put everything I have on the line to take care of him because I know Justin did not kill Jaymie," Justin's grandfather William Decker said.

Police arrested Adams in January for the murders of Jaymie Adams and her unborn child just less than a month after Jaymie's body was found near Lake Stanley Draper. Adams has been a suspect ever since police accused him of misleading investigators. Even though police believe Adams is a murderer, Decker is confident his grandson will go free.

"Police have not placed him at the scene of the crime nor will they be able to," Decker said. "My grandson has been and will always be an innocent victim."

Decker is surprised Adams was ever charged because of what he calls a lack of evidence. Decker tells News 9 that his grandson's time in the county jail has been traumatic, sharing a cell with Carina Saunders' murder suspect Luis Ruiz.

"Many, many nights he called and talked to us and cried and cried why he was facing this," Decker said. "Let me tell you … it's hard."

Decker says, for now, Adams cannot leave the house. He is required to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. Adams' next court appearance is scheduled for October 19.