OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City has come down on an apartment complex in the southwest part of the metro News 9 first told you about Monday.    

Hillcrest Residence Apartments has several residents who say their air conditioning hasn't worked properly for weeks. Wednesday, News 9 called Oklahoma City's Action Center.  Within an hour city code inspectors came to Hillcrest Residence and cited it for air conditioning code violations. 

The landlord has 10 days to respond. 

Tamela Upton says things have been so hot in her apartment, she has had to cool off young children by putting them literally in the kitchen sink.  

"It's so bad in here we don't sleep at night," she says. 

The city says any apartment dweller who has complaints with their complex can call the city's Action Center at (405) 297-2535 to file a formal complaint. They can also go to www.okc.gov