OKLAHOMA CITY - Olympic officials are planning on handing out 150,000 condoms for use by the Olympic Athletes in London.

I called that stunning, and promoting immorality.

Here's what you had to say, J in Enid first: "So your answer is to promote unsafe sex. Nice way to project your brand of morals onto everyone else."

Matt, also in Enid: "..because not handing out condoms and teaching abstinence works so well for teen pregnancy rates. Oh wait..."

Connie in Norman: "I cannot believe the number of people replying that are in favor of this. Is this Oklahoma or California? I think the morals of this country have declined more than I ever imagined."

Jarred writes: "Who made you the moral compass of the world? It's bad enough the people of Oklahoma are subjected to your ego nightly.."

Sue in Stillwater: "they know what has happened in the past and are not condoning it but trying to have athletes practice safe sex, which is a responsible thing any person should practice. The sex was there, the morals are not.."

Jon says: "A sex den? Grow up Kelly. You're just jealous!"

Finally another viewer writes: "..I can assure you no normal well adjusted adult thinks it is okay for the Olympic committee to assign condoms to people."