OKLAHOMA CITY - People in the theater in Aurora, Colo. said at first they were confused and thought the gunman may have been a joke, part of the movie experience. And Friday movie-goers and theaters themselves are reacting to the news.

Folks coming out of the Harkins Theatre in Bricktown say the security is the same as before the shootings. Police and theaters here in Oklahoma City say patrons may see security changes in the coming days and weeks as we learn more about the massacre.

"We don't have any procedure changes per say as a response, but we are trained to procedures similar to that," said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Dexter Nelson.

Harkins headquarters in Arizona had this to say about possible changes to security at its theatres nationwide.

"[Movie patrons'] safety is always of paramount concern to us. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our security procedures as necessary."

"Customer safety is always the number one concern. We employ off-duty Oklahoma City police officers to manage security for our theater and the parking lot," said James Meredith, spokesman for Oklahoma City Tinseltown Theater

Tinseltown says security is important, but it already has police patrolling the parking lot.

One thing officers say they will be doing, along with procedures already in place, is going into the theaters more and walking around the area. They won't just be in their patrol car.

Late Friday afternoon AMC Theaters released a statement saying it will no longer allow people wearing face-covering masks or fake weapons into the theaters.