At this point in the Presidential race four years ago, everyone was talking about the campaign, primarily because of the star power of Hillary Clinton and the history making run of then Senator Barack Obama.

But this time the headlines aren't nearly as enticing.

High unemployment dogging President Obama, heard that. Mitt Romney and Bain Capital outsourced jobs, heard that.

This race could get a jump start in the next couple of weeks though, depending on who Mitt Romney picks for his running mate. He's indicated he will do so before the convention.

A brand new Fox News poll asked 900 registered voters who Romney should share the ticket with.

Condoleeza Rice, the former Secretary of State blew away the rest of the field with 30 percent. Florida Senator Marco Rubio was 2nd with 12 percent of the registered voters saying Romney should pick him.

But when it comes to just Republicans being asked it was closer, Rice with 30 percent, Rubio with 19 percent. All of the others were in the single digits.

So who do you think Mitt Romney should select as his running mate? Let me know on my Facebook page or email me.