Penn State needs to remove the statue of the late coach Joe Paterno, and the NCAA needs to shut down the football program for a couple of years. My opinion on the terrible child sex abuse scandal there.

Here's what you had to say.. Al from Yukon first: "I disagree on the death penalty for Penn State Football program. Too many innocent student athletes, coaches, and their families will suffer for the actions of a few."

Donna from Noble: " couldn't be more right about the statue! I'd like to see a chain put around it and a pickup truck jerk it out of the ground."

J.R. writes: "You don't have to remove Paterno's statue, just turn it 90 degrees so he looks the other way."

Paul in Enid: "Shut down the football program down for ten or twenty years. This whole thing was just wrong."

Jack disagrees: "These bozos have ruined enough young lives. Shutting down the football program effects more innocent young people that had nothing to do with this mess."