OKLAHOMA CITY - Reports about shootings in Oklahoma occur all too often, but right now, the gunfire is welcomed and attracting people from around the world. In fact, the guns are making for some healthy competition at the Oklahoma City Gun Club.

It is Oklahoma's first international shooting competition.

The sounds of gunfire may sound hostile, but these gunmen are friends.

"The [competition offers] camaraderie with people from around the world," said Jim Fields.

Fields is a four-time world champion shooter, now welcoming the competition to Oklahoma.

With more than 700 entries and competitors from as far away as Brazil or Australia, the shooters all take aim in their own unique way. Some on their stomachs, others on their back, but Fields technique is catching worldwide attention.

"It was really gratifying to look down there a while ago at Australians from half way around the world and he was shooting in the position that I developed," Fields said.

The Australians say competing at the Oklahoma City Gun Club is providing a few new challenges to the sport.

"[It is a] little bit mixed up. We are used to a flatter range, but it's interesting. It's always a challenge and that's what it is about," said one of the Australian competitors.

But still the shooters hit their mark.

The International Shooting Competition is going on until next Friday and they invite everyone to come out to the OKC Gun Club at Sorghum Mill and Anderson Road.