OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman was racing another car down an Oklahoma City street Wednesday night when she lost control and crashed, all with her toddler daughter also in the car.

According to witnesses, the woman was racing eastbound down 89th street when she lost control, flipped several times and hit a power pole.

"When the light turned green they just took off," said Sabrina Sparrow, who was behind the two vehicles. 

Sparrow says they were speeding and swerving in and out of traffic.

"I slowed way down because it was clear they were going to lose control," said Sparrow.

Daniel Guthrie was coming the other way.

"She went to swerve past, or pass a car into the left-bound lane and I guess over swerved and came into my lane. So I swerved to the right and once she passed me I heard tires squeal and she hit the truck that was behind me," recalls Guthrie.

That's when Guthrie says the car flipped several times before hitting a power pole and flying through the parking lot. He rushed in to help and used his shirt to stop the woman's bleeding.

"She had lacerations on her face and forehead and her neck," said Guthrie.

Someone else had already pulled the toddler girl from the truck.

"It just broke my heart. My kids were with me and when they got out and said there was a baby involved. My three year old was just crying about the baby," said Sparrow.

"This is a perfect example of what can happen when someone engages in this type of behavior," said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Gary Knight.

The woman and her daughter only received minor injuries. The girl suffered a broken leg. The green Neon that the woman was racing never stopped.

The woman, Rae Young, was ticketed for reckless driving.

She and her toddler daughter were both taken to the hospital.