OKLAHOMA CITY - On Wednesday, a judge sentenced a 17 year old to life in prison for plotting and participating in a burglary that ended with his stepbrother's death.

In October 2010, Dewayne Kemp and Marquis Patterson were both 15 years old when they broke into the home of Amanda Walworth in Midwest City. The teens were attempting to steal a flat-screen TV when Walworth confronted them. Walworth, whose home had been burglarized before, was armed with a handgun and shot at the teens.

Patterson was killed. Kemp and a third accomplice, who was acting as a lookout, ran away and called for help. They initially claimed they'd been shot during a drive-by shooting, but police quickly discovered the truth.

Under Oklahoma law, a person committing a felony can be charged with first-degree murder if an accomplice dies during the crime. The judge kept with the jury's recommendation and sentenced Kemp to life in prison.