I'm just looking up something, take just a moment.

I'm listening, if you need to tell me anything.

Ok, there got it. Sorry about that. I was looking up this funny picture, but I'm not ignoring you.

Greatest invention ever, the world at our finger tips.

Hold on.

Never mind I'll text him later.

The world at our fingertips, the people across the room from us might as be a world away. I'm getting a little tired, check that, a lot tired of sitting in meetings with people who don't even look up for 30 minutes.

Oop, hold on, Hmmm, Twitter message, probably important, yep, someone posted a funny picture.

If you don't look up from your phone during a 30-minute meeting, you'd better come up with the best idea ever for our business before the meetings over or I'll assume you were...

Facebook notification, another friend.

When did it become OK to pick up this stupid thing and act like you're solving the energy crisis, and the you're fully plugged in to what's going on across the conference table?

Folks put the phones down. Back away from the table and look at the people you're working with.

Go ahead say it "It's a generational thing". Sorry, no. It's just rude.