OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police arrested a registered sex offender accused of watching children at an apartment complex pool while masturbating.

Police went to an apartment complex near N.W. 122nd Street and Penn on July 9 to talk to Lee Bourn, a registered sex offender convicted of indecent exposure. Residents had reported seeing him two days earlier at the pool, watching children with a towel over his lap.

Police reported previously questioning Bourn about a similar incident that occurred at a park. They said during that encounter, Bourn was hostile and agitated.

When police arrived at Bourn's apartment, they said he opened the door but quickly stepped back and reached behind the door when he saw the officer.

The officer, thinking Bourn might have a weapon, ordered him to come out from behind the door. According to the report, Bourn refused and the officer pushed open the door. The officer said Bourn tried to punch him, but the officer blocked the blow and handcuffed Bourn.

Bourn was arrested for attempted assault and battery on a police officer.