OKLAHOMA CITY - Technology is helping even the youngest patients stay on the move.

Researchers at the OU Health Sciences Center found young children actually can learn to operate power wheelchairs. So now, children that can't learn to walk won't lack the independence that comes with mobility.

Three-year-old Presley showed off her skills on Tuesday. She learned to operate a power wheelchair as part of the research. She is one of 41 Oklahoma patients participating in the study.

"I think that she's happier," said Megan Vargas, Presley's mother. "She's more independent, she feels more like a normal child because right now she doesn't understand she's in a wheelchair."

Researchers say the goal of the study is to determine if the use of power wheelchairs improves social and cognitive development skills.

Children 14 months and older can learn to use the power-operated wheelchair.