PUTNAM CITY, Oklahoma - Another alligator has been spotted in Oklahoma, this one in Willow Cliff Lake near Putnam City High School.

It's the second sighting in just one week.

"I was just enjoying the 4th of July with a couple of friends and I happen to look in the water and I just  couldn't believe  my eyes," Steve Dierdoff said

Dierdoff claims he saw a "toothy surprise" and went up to by greet his new neighbor.  

"I am an outdoors guy and I thought ‘What in the heck is this?' It was about four to five feet in length," he said.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife says most likely someone had the gator as pet, which is illegal, and they probably turned it loose.

Officials will usually leave it lurking as they aren't aggressive unless bothered. They do not survive Oklahoma's rough winters.