OKLAHOMA CITY - Lasting memories come at a cost, and the new picture policy at the beautiful Myriad Botanical Gardens has some frowning for the camera.

The gardens were previously run by the city, but now a nonprofit group is responsible. The nonprofits don't have taxpayer money to foot the bill for plants, landscaping, or air; so management says the $25 permit fee only applies to commercial photographers.

Ashley Queen is getting married at the gardens because of the expansive foliage. While she didn't launch a complaint, she understands the concern.

"I  don't feel like it's probably beneficial for them to have people get a permit and pay, because it brings so much business to the an area of OKC and that's excellent," Ashley Queen said.

But the marketing director says the garden will support itself with admission costs.

"So if the gardens are being used as backdrop for something, if there is a model in a beautiful dress and they are advertising, then you would need a permit," said Stephanie Boyse.

The Myriad Garden Foundation took over the property last July and renovated some 17 acres. The photographers permit costs $25 and only applies to professional photographers with more than a tripod and camera.

For more information visit http://www.myriadgardens.org/