NORMAN, Oklahoma - After a long pursuit, Norman police arrest a man accused of stealing a riding lawn mower. However, before he was taken into custody, the man cut his wrists and throat with a knife.

Joe Wayne Dean Leary, 25, of Midwest City, was arrested on Monday on complaints of grand larceny, driving under the influence of drugs, eluding an officer and no state driver's license.

According to police, a homeowner on East Cedar Lane in Norman called police Monday afternoon to report a man stealing her riding lawn mower. The homeowner told police she saw the suspect load her mower onto a trailer and then drive off. The woman then followed Leary while staying in contact with police over her cell phone to report his course of travel.

Officers finally caught up with Leary, who had dumped the trailer the trailer containing the lawn mower from his pickup in the area of 72nd Avenue N.E. and Day. Leary continued to elude police by driving through open fields. Officers spotted him again near 60th Avenue N.E. and Tecumseh Road. After approximately two miles from that point, Leary stopped.

Before surrendering to officers, police said Leary used a knife to cut his wrists and throat while still inside his truck. Leary received medical treatment at Norman Regional Hospital Emergency Room. He was then released to officers who booked him into the county jail.