OKLAHOMA CITY - People everywhere are trying to get their hands on some Thunder gear, now that Kevin Durant and the team are in the finals. But how do you know the gear you're getting is legit? Or counterfeit?

Believe it or not, there are some tell tale signs between authentic NBA gear and the knock offs. You just have to take a closer look.

Tents have been popping up all over the metro, taking advantage of Thunder, Harden, and Durant fever. And the NBA wants to make sure you are getting the real deal.

Both local and federal officers are checking out these places, and shutting down those selling fake stuff.

Ronna Rodgers is from Michigan and has five stores up there. She recently opened up her Thunder Stop shop along May Avenue to take advantage of Finals Fever, and is in favor of the crackdown on counterfeiters.

So how you know if the gear you got is legit? First of all, make sure it has the NBA tag with the hologram logo.

Make sure it has the right colors. And make sure the players names are spelled correctly. Believe it or not a lot of fake gear is misspelled.

So does anyone really get hurt buying the cheap knockoffs? Officers will be out all through the finals looking for the fakes, and making sure you get the real deal.

The NBA tells us those selling fake NBA gear are also costing the nation thousands of jobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars.