OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police arrest a man and woman after discovering the two had an alleged portable meth lab.

An officer was checking the Biltmore Hotel's parking lot located in the 4600 block of S.W. 3rd Street after receiving reports of car thefts in the area.

Police said the officer noticed a man and woman walking through the parking lot carrying duffle bags. Police identified the two as 38-year-old Wendall Lee Dearing, III and 28-year-old Kenna Lansdale.

The officer stopped the two to see what they were doing and discovered Dearing had an outstanding warrant. The officer handcuffed Dearing and was about to conduct a search when Dearing told the officer he had an explosive device in his pocket.

Police temporarily closed S.W. 3rd Street while the OCPD Bomb Squad recovered the live explosive device from the man's pants pocket and checked the area for other dangerous items. The duffle bags the two were carrying contained the components for a portable meth lab.

Police also arrested Lansdale after finding methamphetamine on her. Lansdale faces complaints of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Dearing faces charges of having an outstanding felony warrant and possession of an explosive device. Police say other charges against Dearing are pending.