OKLAHOMA CITY - Brazen daylight break-ins of vehicles at Frontier City are stealing the fun from some of the theme park's guests.

For $34.99 you can the thrill of a roller coaster, but most park visitors think they are leaving the drama at the gate. Saturday some people returned to their cars to find they'd been vandalized.

"Oh my gosh, that would be crazy. I would be very upset and I don't  know if I would want to come back," said park visitor Melody Stinson. 

Lovella and Taggert Vickers caught the thieves in the act.

"I was opening the door of the truck and the lady was saying he was drunk and he didn't know what he was doing. But he broke into [our car]. He already tore out the column and I could tell he had something in his right hand he was hiding as he tried to get away," said 17-year-old Taggert Vickers.

"He obviously wasn't drunk. He had already jimmied the door handle and tore the front column apart and you don't do that when you are drunk," said Lovella Vickers.

Frontier City has a private lot that owners say is patrolled.

"This is the year they put in the metal detectors and that kind of stuff, but nothing evidentially changed outside." Vickers said.

Now the Vickers' say they have season tickets they may never use again. 

"We had planned to go to several concerts this year, but now we are like ‘Do we dare?' We also thought about taking a large chain and chaining the truck to the tree," Lovella said.

The thief tried to rip out the Vickers' steering column. She tells News 9 the other cars that were broken into are older trucks and similar in model.

Frontier City tells News 9 it has added extra security to the parking lot and suggests visitors secure their valuables out of sight and lock their vehicles before entering the park.