OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro tattoo artist is putting Thunder fans to the test Friday, offering Oklahoma City Thunder logo tattoos to fans who want to prove their love for the team is more than just "skin deep".

Tornado Tattoo located at 2206 N. MacArthur Blvd., wanted to see if anyone was tough enough to Thunder Up with ink. And after about thirty minutes of opening their doors, they were all booked up.

Thunder fans signed up, inked up and showed how tough they were for their team and News 9's cameras.

"They're not for everyone," Tornado Tattoo owner, Josh Poindexter said. "There's plenty of skin to go around."

Poindexter wanted to know if he could find some Thunder fans that were tough enough to Thunder Up on a whole new level.

"[I wanted to] see who the diehard fans are," he said with a smile.

"You couldn't get me here fast enough," first fan in the chair, Brian Fuller said.

And fans had to be fast, the appointments for free tattoos, filled up fast.

"You know how crazy OU and OSU fans are. This is both of them combined, so it's going to be a rough crowd," said Poindexter.

Fuller was ready at noon when the free-tattoo promotion started, but his wasn't his first rodeo in the tattoo parlor.

"I don't have any regrets on any of them well, maybe one, we won't go there," Fuller said. "[I was] born and bred [in Oklahoma], so might as well, get something I'm going to die with."

Some fans may say they live and die for their Thunder team. Fuller says the Thunder coming to OKC and turning up the excitement is what really got him into basketball in the first place.

"Just excited to see how it turns out," Fuller said.

As NBA fans and Thunder Nation watch and see what happens, No matter what, some brave OKC faithful have Thundered Up forever.

"Now's when the fun begins," Fuller said, in anticipation for next week's hardwood hoedowns, "what better way than to get a permanent fixture?"

The tattoos take about an hour each to create. Six or seven fans got the tattoos for free Friday. Normally the tats they got are around $100. And fans can still book future appointments and support a local business.