OKLAHOMA CITY - The Bricktown shooting last week and another one this past weekend may be leading to some big changes in Bricktown.

The Oklahoma City Police Department says they will be beefing up security in Bricktown whenever the Thunder is home, and in the Bricktown association is also meeting about safety concerns in the area.

An early morning fight escalated into gunfire outside Zio's early Sunday morning. No one was injured, but this is the second time shots are fired in Bricktown in less than a week and that has a lot of people taking notice.

"We're very concerned, safety is our number one priority for visitors coming into Bricktown," said Jeannette Smith Executive Director of the Bricktown Association.

So the Bricktown Association is calling together all nightclub and bar owners for a meeting Wednesday night.

"Just try to come up with some different measures to help deter some of that activity," said Smith.

In a letter Smith says suggestions include staggered bar closing times, no admittance of new patrons after a certain time, or increased screening a clubs.

"Nip the problem in the bud so we can continue business as usual," Smith said.

The Bricktown Association already hires off duty officers for big events and on weekends.

The Police Department says they also bring more officers into the area during those times.

But now, a Captain with the department says they will be adding additional officers on the nights that the Thunder plays at home.

"The longer you have events with these numbers, the odds of you having something happen just increases," said Captain Dexter Nelson with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Still the Bricktown Association and police department maintain there's no reason to worry about coming to Bricktown. But they want to keep it that way.

"It is safe, it's just that these events are going to happen as time goes on," said Capt. Nelson.

That meeting between Bricktown bar owners is Monday night.