OKLAHOMA CITY - Thieves pass up electronics, cars, and homes to steal something a bit more down to earth. An elderly couple in northwest Oklahoma City told News 9 they were robbed of a very special gift: cacti.

The neighborhood near Britton and County Line Road does not have a lot of crime, so the Pribbles were surprised when thieves took a rare item from their home.

"We don't know what their motive was or what was on their mind when they did this," Lloyd Pribble said.

Lloyd Pribble says he and his wife give their yard extra attention. So, it's no wonder the couple noticed when their prized possessions turned up missing.

"I thought I had been violated," Sharyn Pribble said. She said she cherished the cactus her son gave her for Mother's day.

Sharyn Pribble said because she is handicapped, her son planted four cacti in the front yard. Thieves dug up all four, but left behind the big pear cactus.

"I just like cactus you know, it's different and I like being a little bit different," Sharyn Pribble said. She lets off a subtle laugh and explains how she grew to love the plants and thought the thorns would be enough protection from thieves.

"You would end up with stickers in your fingers," she said.

Now the Pribbles said if they are able to replace the plants, they will also add some extra protection. Lloyd Pribble is considering stepping up his security following the theft.

"I think we need to have a camera mounted somewhere outside," he said.

The couple said they are willing to do anything to stop the criminals from carrying off the cactus and in the meantime, Sharyn Pribble says, "I'm upset they are gone but I pray for the person that did it."