Oklahoma City police arrested an 18-year-old man who witnesses say followed a girl onto her bus as she was heading to Westmoore High School.

According to the 15-year-old girl and her family, Kyler Edwards is a neighbor and an acquaintance. The family has since moved, but the girl's grandmother still lives in the neighborhood. The girl's father says she stopped talking to him, and Edwards began harassing her.

The girl told police she and a friend walked from her grandmother's house to the bus stop on May 21. While they were waiting for the school bus, Edwards approached them. The girl said she and her friend ignored Edwards and tried to get away from him by boarding the bus, but Edwards followed them.

The school bus driver told police he thought Edwards was a student, and he watched as he went to sit beside the victim.

When the victim told Edwards he couldn't sit beside her, the bus driver said Edwards yelled at him and asked, "Dude, can I get off the bus?" The bus driver said he ignored Edwards because he thought he was a student.

During the ride to school, the victim said Edwards kept harassing her and lifting his shirt to show his belly. He also kept banging metal sticks against the seats. The girl was so upset she called her father from the bus.

The father called the school, and the school contacted police. When the bus arrived at Westmoore High School, the parent, police and the sophomore principal were there to meet it.

In his report, the officer said it appeared Edwards was incoherent and slow to respond to questions, as if he was under the influence of something other than alcohol. The officer searched Edwards backpack and found two police-style, collapsible metal batons.

The principal recognized Edwards as a former student. He said he wanted to file a trespassing complaint against Edwards. The girl's father also said he wanted to pursue charges.

The officer arrested Edwards on complaints of stalking, trespassing on school property on possession of a weapon on school grounds or vehicle.