OKLAHOMA CITY - Members of the Oklahoma City Council approved Tuesday plans to build a cell phone tower in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

Neighbors near N.W. 50th Street and May have been fighting since August 2011 to prevent AT&T from building the 80-foot cell tower. Skylar Greiner-Hays says the tower would be built right outside her backyard.

"When I come outside, I have a garden, [and] I love to garden. When I do yard work I'll be in the shadow of a cell phone tower," Greiner-Hays said.

AT&T said it considered multiple sites, and the Mayfair neighborhood is the best location to help improve service for customers.

"We've...met with the homeowners several times to attempt to allay their concerns. Our goal is to improve service for all customers, including our customers in this area," said the company in a statement.

No word on when construction on the tower will begin.