OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma County District Attorney has charged four people with first-degree murder in the death of a man at a south Oklahoma City motel.

Rickey Dean Gold, Joyce Michelle Seco, Terri Camp and Sherry Lynn Campbell are accused of killing 40-year-old Russell Hable. Hable was found shot to death on March 11 in his room at Super 40 Motel at 301 S. Council Road.

According to court documents, surveillance video from the motel shows Hable entering his room earlier that night with Seco and Campbell. Police say the video also shows Gold entering the room. Witnesses say they heard gunshots, and then saw Seco, Campbell and Gold running out of the room.

Police arrested Seco, who told police they planned to rob Hable. She later identified Campbell and Gold as the other people in the room. She says Gold is the one who shot Hable.

Seco also identified Terri Camp as the driver of the getaway car.

Police are still searching for Gold, Campbell and Camp. They've issued arrest warrants for all three.