GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man accused of infecting at least 90 women with HIV is now being held without bond.

Chris Sylve, 23,  is charged in Grady County with assault and battery and knowingly transferring HIV.

A judge originally placed a $1 million bond on Sylve, but on Tuesday, he said Sylve will be held without bail pending a hearing, which is set for Tuesday, March 27.

County Attorney Jason Hicks filed charges against Sylve on March 15. Hicks says Sylve has known he has been HIV positive since 2005. Sylve's wife, Nicole, says she learned she was HIV positive last October, when tests showed she was also pregnant with Sylve's child.

Nicole married Chris Sylve last October. About that same time she found out she was pregnant. She says those same tests showed Chris had also given her HIV.

Another woman has also come forward and says she dated Sylve for four years. She says she and the young child she had with Sylve are both HIV positive.

Sylve is charged with seven felonies, including assault and battery with a deadly weapon. He's also charged with having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Prosecutors want any woman who has had sex with this man in the last decade to get tested for HIV.